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Donate to allow RCCR to better serve our community!

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Your Support will further RCCR's goal of bettering the Community.

In 1984, the “Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness” was struggling to find a solution to what was believed to be a solvable problem of homelessness in Charleston. It became clear that there was not one solution, but that it would take a variety of approaches to adequately meet the needs of our fellow citizens. Out of the Task Force, discussions came the vision of a religious response to the needs of the homeless. Thus, the RCCR was born. It was made up of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish congregations, representing 10,000 to 12,000 citizens of Charleston. Since its founding, RCCR has taken on a range of projects to be able to serve its's community better.

In addition to our Housing Counseling, Home Development, and Recovery Programming, RCCR has created many additional programs to address or close gaps in the community. COVID has dramatically increased the number of individuals experiencing homelessness and needing access to safe affordable housing. As a result, we have created these programs to further transition individuals from being unsheltered to housed.

Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement

Street Outreach ensuring basic needs are met while supporting the unsheltered toward housing stability. The program operates 7 days a week in the evening and weekends.

Rapid Rehousing

We assist families who are currently unsheltered to quickly find housing and help cover rental start-up costs, typically the security deposit, the first 2-6 months of rent, and case management.

Clothing Boutique

We provide free clothing for our unsheltered neighbors.

Transitional Storage Center

A managed storage service provided to people who are unsheltered to store their personal belongings. Providing a secure storage facility for our unhoused neighbors helps to unlock the barriers that prevent them from obtaining permanent housing.

We will continue to develop projects and programs which improve our community by identifying, addressing, and overcoming obstacles which keep people from decent, affordable housing.